What’s the New Importer ?

  • What is it : Import license for exporter/importer in Cambodia company.
  • Apply for :  Cambodia company import/export the first time official shipment from other countries in to Cambodia.
  • Address to submit : Customs House, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • Charge : Before 2018, this charge will apply for 3 times import/export, but now only appy for 01 times import/export.
  • Time: from 3-4 working days

Procedures including :

  1. Certificate of incorporation (02 sets of copy and original stamp)
  2. Certificate of Tax Registration (02 sets of copy and original stamp)
  3. Patent of Tax 2020 (02 sets of copy and original stamp)
  4. ID passport of person in Patent
  5. Memorandum
  6. Articles of Association
  7. Extract of company (02 sets of copy and stamp by company)
  8. Photo of office & Google map (print color, stamp)
  9. Documents : Bill / Packing list / Invoice (stamp)

Note : Person in Patent go to interview wiith Customs officier in Phnom Penh



Certificate of Incorporation (Giấy phép thành lập Doanh nghiệp mới) 

Certificate of Tax Registration (Chứng nhận thuế VAT)
Patent of TAX 2020