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Customs procedures for transit goods, main export goods to Laos

Sea Freight Cambodia – North American (USA)

Sihanoukville (Kompong Som) -- Cambodia => Miami (FL) -- U.S.A.

We have contract directly with ZIM line, provide the best Ocean Freight and routing solution from Sihanoukville (Kompong Som), Cambodia to Miami, FL, USA

Service Portfolio

Route :

Sihanoukville – Singapore – New York – Charleston – Savannah – Miami – Freeport – Hong Kong

Shipping schedule :

Local charge at Sihanoukville port (Cambodia)

THC per cont USD 242/40’ft
BILL per set USD 66/set
SEAL per seal USD 11/seal
ISPS per cont USD 50/cont
AMS per set USD 71.5/set
TELEX RELEASE (IF ANY) per set USD 66/set
DOC AMENMENT FEE per set USD 66/set
HANDLING FEE per cont USD 50/cont

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